London has many good churches, and north London has many good churches, and northwest London has many good churches, so why choose St John’s?

Practically, it is easy to get to us from much of north London, and in particular northwest London. Our fellowship is made up mostly of people living within two or three miles from the church, both in the area immediately around the church in NW3 (Hampstead and Belsize Park), and in the surrounding parts of north London, including Golders Green, Cricklewood, Swiss Cottage, Archway and Camden. A few come from a little further, from areas including Finchley, Mill Hill and Edgware.

What can you expect to find at this north london church?

We are a local fellowship… We serve a mixed and varied local community in our particular corner of north London.

St John’s is also a varied fellowship… We are singles and married couples, people with children and without, young and old, rich and poor, tertiary educated and primary educated. We are British and Asian, black and white, Jew and Gentile. But we are a single fellowship and we aim that the barriers that Christ brought down stay down!

We also recognise that different people benefit from ministries that focus on people’s specific situations, so we also aim to be a focussed fellowship… where men, women, children, and young people receive Christ’s word in the most effective way possible. Click the links here to see what’s on offer for adults, youth and children.


Why join this particular north London church?  Standing back a little, here are some reasons:


  • Truth:  We aim to make a priority of the clear explanation and exposition of God’s word in Scripture. Check our archive of recent sermons to get a feel for the kind of teaching you’ll hear on Sundays.
  • Love: Our aim, under God, is to be a fellowship of His people who love one another. Generally, it’s the quality of personal welcome and warm relationships that strikes those who visit St John’s.


  • Opportunity: Our conviction is that people grow as Christians by taking part in an area of service. The whole body of believers is also built up as each member plays their part. Opportunities for service fall into two broad categories of ‘speaking‘ and ‘serving’, or ‘proclamation‘ and ‘organisation’. In practice, many are part of both.
  • Responsibility: We believe there is great privilege in belonging to a local church. We believe that we have a responsibility for bearing witness to Christ in our local community.


  • Vitality: We seek to make a priority of corporate prayer, which forms a vital part of all our midweek small groups. In addition, we hold a monthly prayer dinner on a Wednesday evening. At this meeting we share a meal, share news (including of people and places away from St John’s), and pray. We also have a prayer diary to help us in our devotions.
  • Accountability: We aim to grow numerically, but depth is more important than breadth. Everyone has the opportunity to be a part of a small fellowship group during the week (an evening, day time or Saturday morning).


  • Local: We are a local church working in a small area of north London, so that only a few people commute significant distances to St John’s. We praise God for many para-church gospel initiatives, but we have confidence that the local church continues to be a primary means to the ends of proclaiming Christ and incorporating believers into the church of Christ.
  • Regional: We function day by day as a local church. However, we believe that collaboration with other churches and ministries strengthens us. We enjoy partnership with a number of other local evangelical churches, both within and outside the Church of England.


  • Congregational: We enjoy real autonomy as a local church. We own our own buildings and, financially, are entirely self-supporting.
  • Connectional: St. John’s is a proprietary chapel of the Church of England, and the minister and associate minister are ordained Church of England clergymen. The real fellowship and partnership is not, however, narrowly denominational, but with all those whose biblical ministries hold forth the same biblical evangel, or good news.