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A bible-believing Anglican church in Hampstead, NW3


The Word of Life and Light – John 1:1-5

Stand firm in the Lord – Ephesians 6v10-24

Submit to one another

A life of love

The Unity of the Spirit

God’s wisdom revealed

All one in Christ

Saved by Grace

Praying for Power

Every spiritual blessing





Living for the Future

True Love

True Treasure

The Lord’s Prayer

How good is good enough?

Broken Relationships

Going Deep with Jesus

Salt and Light

Living Upside Down

The Call of Wisdom

The Worldview of Wisdom

The Practicality of Wisdom

The Warning of Wisdom

The Supremacy of Wisdom

The Promise of Wisdom

The Freedom of Wisdom


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Downshire Hill, Hampstead, London. NW3 1NU. T: 020 7099 9360 E: [email protected]